[mobilevideopro video=”mobile-redirect”]There are several advantages when you use a mobile redirect script to send people to your mobile site. Most people are going to find your business via a search engine like Google, Bing or yahoo. When they do this search from a laptop or desktop the user simply clicks on your business from the search results and visits your website.

What if they are on a mobile device when they do this search? If you do not have a mobile site, the stats show they will leave your site and go to another business until they find a favorable mobile solution.

So basically what a mobile redirect script does is simply identify what kind of device the visitor is accessing your website from. Our redirect script identifies the device quickly and displays accordingly. If they are on a desktop then your full website will be displayed. If an iPhone, BlackBerry, Android or another mobile device is detected trying to access your site the mobile site will be displayed.

This takes advantage of your current site search results and give the user a mobile solution at the same time.

A mobile redirect script takes advantage of this traffic by allowing you to keep your URL and display your site perfectly whether it be a visitor from a computer or mobile device. When a customer comes to your site from a mobile device and get a perfect mobile solution… You as a business just showed this potential customer you care about their experience before they even arrive.

Here at Point 2 Mobile we take full advantage of these scenarios and can pass the results on to our customers. By using our redirect script and mobile site solution our customers can…..

  • Keep their Full website as it is.
  • Have access to the mobile site directly.
  • Get a QR code for direct access to the mobile web app.
  • Complete stat capture of mobile traffic.
  • Have the mobile site show just the content wanted by mobile users.