mella window mobile

For many business’s a full website may not be needed, but a mobile site is a must with all the searches happening via a mobile device.

In October 2012, Americans spent 511.9 million minutes accessing the Web from desktop computers, compared with 278.6 million minutes on smartphones. The data do not include tablets.

This year, the gap was significantly smaller. In October 2013, Americans spent 445.5 million minutes accessing the Internet from desktop computers, compared with 410.8 million minutes on smartphones.

Rather you buy a URL or not, you can still publicize your new mobile site and use a QR code for people to scan. Point2Mobile allows end users to bookmark your mobile site with your custom icon, so it’s always accessible from the smartphones home screen.

Trending stats of mobile device usage proves that this area of customer reach can not be ignored.

Stats via ComScore