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Thank You

Anthony and I wanted to thank you so much for doing such a wonderful job on our wedding dinner. Our guests LOVED the food!! You made our day so special and we were so glad that you could make it. We will recommend you to anyone that we meet that needs a caterer. We cannot thank you enough for everything that you did to make sure that everything was perfect with the food that we wanted. You really exceeded our expectations!

Thanks Again,
Cinthia Belanger
Anthony Belanger

Jack’s Catering, Katie and Tim,

Thank you for making our rehearsal dinner a wonderful success. Our son and his bride were pleased with the delicious meal served by tim. Thanks to Katie for a great meal planning. We appreciate all you did for our family and friends. The food was excellent and everyone loved the banana cream pudding.

Warm regards,
Randy and kristen lovett

Hello Katie and Jack’s Catering Associates,

Thank you for the wonderful food and service for our flowers family reunion. Please know that we all enjoyed doing bussiness with jack’s catering and will recommend you to everyone.

Thanks and have a blessed day,
David and Doreitha Blue

Dear Jack’s,

On September 20, your company catered my son’s wedding. This is a letter to say thank you and to tell you how good the service and the food was. In the past i’ve always dealt with a well-known catering firm from Cincinnati and was hesitant to use anyone else. I had not known your firm, but will not hesitate in the future to recommend you. To all of you who prepared the food and the two individuals that served it, thank you. You helped to make the reception a hit. I heard nothing but good things about the food and the service. This is very much appreciated and definitely will be remembered in the future.

Thank you
Judy Barger

Dear Jack’s,

Thank you so much for the great food and service. Your services contributed to another successful staples event. The comments “wonderful food” was everywhere. Again, thank you so much for taking such good care of us.

Jackie randolph (staples co.)

We’ve used jack’s catering for large events twice and both times have been excellent experiences! Our first event went off without a hitch. They showed up on time, got the pig roasting, and everything was served by there friendly and professional staff. Our clients loved the food.

Our second event would have been a giant mess, but jack’s saved the day!! The person placing our order accidentally requested food for the wrong day. We called them up on 4 hours notice, admitted our mistake, and in under two hours hey had a truck here grilling up pork and chicken with all the sides. None of our clients had any idea how close the event came to being a disaster. Even on short notice, and with errors made that were not jack’s fault at all, we had 100% satisfaction from everyone that ate.
Excellent price? Check
Top-notch staff? Check
Good food? Check
Only caterer ill ever use? Check

Barrett h. (banks downtown)

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