kenton prosecutors mobile Here at Point 2 Mobile we had a great opportunity to build a mobile  site for the  Kenton County Commonwealth’s Attorney Office in  Kentucky.

 They had great input on the features they wanted included in the  mobile site, so the end result brings a great user experience and  functionality for all.

 Residents of Kenton County get useful information when they need it  and Law Enforcement can access Miranda and Consent to search  forms using their mobile devices.

 The Kenton County Commonwealth’s Attorney Office is the  first prosecutor’s office in Kentucky with a mobile site and Point 2  Mobile looks forward with helping others go mobile.

 About Kenton County Commonwealth’s Attorney Office.

As Kentucky’s third largest Commonwealth’s Attorney office, our team of 16 Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorneys, staff, paralegals, detectives, and ex-terns, led by Commonwealth’s Attorney Rob Sanders, prosecute all felony crimes for the state’s 16th Judicial Circuit, which includes all of Kenton County.

You can check out their mobile site via your device HERE.

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