Many people can remember sitting at their computer and browsing the internet for business’s, products and local entertainment. While this activity is still going on, it’s not always from  a computer or laptop. These searches are being done with mobile devices.

Look around and see how many people are staring at the screen of their mobile device. Sure they could be doing social media, but more and more users are looking for basic information while on the go.

Question: What are people searching for on their mobile device?


Business Hours


Phone Number

Food Menu

Savings / Coupons / Discounts

The above answer may seem  very simple, but a lot of times the simple answer is the hardest thing to follow through on as a business. Mobile devices are not a fad or something that will go away over time so your business better be ready to go mobile.

I talked to quite a few companies and I was surprised they had no clue as to why their full website traffic has been gradually dropping.  When I told them they did not have a mobile friendly solution they explained that their site did load on a mobile device, it just took quite a while to load and if people zoomed in, then looked to the right and left they would eventually find that they needed.

Really? Is that what they just said? Sadly yes it was.

When Google says that a site should load in less than 5 seconds and provide the information listed above with just a quick glance, you can take that as a fact. If that is not enough for you to be convinced think of your own  experience on a mobile device when you were searching for something. I don’t care if you’re  looking for movie times, information about a restaurant or an event. Did you get the information easily and quickly? If you did you were on a mobile site.

Those that think a mobile solution is not necessary or too expensive, should be considering just how many sales and customers you are losing by not being mobile.

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