Leading up to the launch of Point 2 Mobile, I cut my teeth making a mobile site portal called The site had a simple purpose and that was to give smart phone users an access point for mobile compliant sites. I integrated categories for sports, news, weather, travel, and banking. I included mobile site links to both small and big businesses. The site is still around today and continues to get traffic but has grown so large (600 mobile sites currently listed within the site) that it is too big for the quick and easy use that was its intention.

Mobile Sites have come a long way since I started that Mobile Site Portal.  The modern consumer has demanded that they want mobilized versions of businesses small and large.  The time is now for small and medium size businesses to take advantage of customer traffic on mobile devices just as large corporations have done.  I wanted to provide that vehicle by making going mobile easy for everyone.

The question that I’m asked more than any other is:  Should our business have a mobile site or a mobile app?  The answer is simple: A mobile site! Mobile sites are better than a mobile app in many ways. Mobile sites are fluid and ongoing. The content on a full website can change at any point and time.  With a mobile site the information changes as the main website is updated.  No need to connect to an app store for an update.  In fact no need to go to an app store at all.  With the redirect code built into a desktop website the mobile site is automatically detected when searched for on a mobile device search engine.   No need to download or search for an app for your business.  Your customer gets the information it needs to know from your website in a short version that’s easy to read and loads fast automatically!  No more zooming in to see a phone number or menu of a restaurant!  And the best part about mobile sites:  Mobile sites are a fraction of the cost that it takes to develop an app and give the end user a better overall experience.  Isn’t that what we want for our customers?

Yet another reason most small businesses should chose a mobile site over an app is that apps have content changes.  These changes must be submitted to the app store for approval, and then the end user must re-install the updated app. Who wants to do that?  In my opinion an app should only be a game or utility.  Everything else should be a mobile site. Most apps that are web based (need an internet connection to work) are nothing more than a mobile site. For example, most Weather apps seem like an app, but really the plain and simple reality is, you’ve downloaded a launcher which takes you to a mobile weather site.

Point 2 Mobile creates a custom icon that matches your logo, so when someone bookmarks your mobile site, it looks just like an app icon on their phone’s home screen.  So if you add your favorite pizza place to your home screen, that has a mobile site, their logo and name will appear on your home screen just as if you’ve paid all that money for an expensive app but you haven’t.