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While on your mobile device, nothing is more frustrating when you need information about a particular business and they don’t offer a mobile solution. When landing on a full site via your mobile, you pinch, zoom, scroll and more trying to find a phone number, menu or business hours only to get frustrated and leave. Stats show that at this point the customer will leave your site and try another business. Mobile sites aren’t just about making your website look better on a mobile device,  it’s about giving the mobile user a positive experience and in the end, spend their money with you.

“A business that has a mobile site clearly shows they care about their customers experience before they even arrive.”

This may seem like a bold statement but it’s true. Stats back this up, so dont let your business fall into that trap thinking “But we have always done it this way”.

Times have changed with the number of mobile connected devices exceeding the number of people on earth , and for a business to succeed it needs to be mobile. Lets look into the future. Cisco released a report stating by 2017 there will be nearly 1.4 mobile devices per capita.  These stats are staggering but with current trends not surprising.

Point 2 Mobile can keep your business on track with a mobile solution and we offer features that can keep your business on pace and in many cases a few steps ahead of other mobile solutions.

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Stat Source Cisco