what mobile site users want

This may seem like an easy question to answer, but many business’s get it wrong when building their mobile site. Full desktop sites offer information that is rarely or never seen. Make sure you do not try and put all the full site content into your mobile site.

I will do a brief overview covering a few topics, but not in any particular order of importance because these points are all important.

1. When a mobile user does a search for a particular brand, service or business, the site needs to have automatic mobile device detection that will re-direct the user to your mobile site.

2. Page load speeds on a mobile site are key. Most stats say a mobile site should load in less than 5 seconds or the mobile user will become discouraged and try another site.

3. When on a mobile site, the user is really looking for just a few things.

a. Tap to Call

b. Location / Directions

c. Hours of Operation

d. Contact via a form or Tap to Email

e. Info for brand or product. ( Example… Restaurant Menu)

Listed above areĀ  5 pages that are key for any mobile site, but if you want to add some other pages that is fine, but keep in mind the end user will only visit extra pages when browsing your site, so keep them towards the bottom.

Your social sites are key on a mobile site and should be displayed , but do not expect a lot of activity to your social sites via your mobile site.

At Point2Mobile each customer has different situations, so we work to bring a great mobile site to our customer, while keeping in mind the end user has a great experience while using the mobile site.