Walts Hitching Post

A restaurants success is vastly determined on the food and service they provide to the customer, but the internet’s role has always been a great tool to aid in this success . Now, the vast majority of customers find restaurants after an Internet search but that search is done from a mobile device.

Without a mobile site, visitors using a mobile device will find a site hard to view. This results in the potential client leaving the non mobile site, searching again, finding a restaurant site that offers a mobile solution, getting the information they want and possibly never to return to your non mobile site again.

Easy-to-view mobile sites are still a huge competitive advantage for the restaurants that adopt them because, to date, only 5% of restaurants have created mobile websites. Many are still reliant on traditional channels to bring them business. So, for those restaurants that are ready to move with the customers and meet them where they now are, the rewards will be significant. The others stand to lose market share gradually to those restaurants that are connecting with an increasingly mobile world.